AP test season comes to an end


Sadie Lyman

Teachers hand out papers that help students understand what the AP test will cover. They can also provide resources to students to help them study.

Sadie Lyman , Staff Writer

Many students have been preparing for AP (Advanced Placement) tests since the beginning of the year. As of May 18, all AP tests have finally been completed.

During the past two weeks, students from all different AP courses have been taking exams to test their knowledge. These tests consist of multiple choice questions, free response questions, and timed essays.

The test is graded on a scale of one to five, five being the highest score and one being the lowest. To receive college credit, one must obtain a score of three or above, depending on what college they plan to attend.

From study sessions to practice tests, students have gone about preparing for the exams in many different ways.

“AP Euro covers a lot of history, and it was hard to study it all. I have a crash course book that breaks down all the information I needed to know in order for me to get a good score,” said Max Kolotinsky, a sophomore.

A lot of hard work and dedication is put into preparing for the test. For some students, their first AP test may have been one of the hardest tests they’ll ever take.

“It’s hard to prepare for the AP test because there is so much material to know, and there’s only so much you can study. For me, some aspects were easy and others were difficult, but overall, I did my best,” said Kaitlin Kirkes, a sophomore.

In the end, there is a limit to what students can do to prepare for the AP test; they are never going to know exactly what they will be tested on because it is different every year.

“I think I did okay on the exam. I may not have done the best, but I think I did well enough. There is only so much that we can do,” said Jenna Teterin, a sophomore.