Art Show draws attention


Auva Soheili

A wide variety of paintings hang on one of the walls of the gallery.

Auva Soheili, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s annual Art Show is a picture perfect event that displays various student-made pieces in a floor-to-ceiling gallery.

The students enrolled in the Visual Arts Program submit their favorite work(s) of art to be viewed by the public. On March 14, their art was showcased in room F22 during Open House.

Art teacher Josh Sheridan said, “About 600 Carlmont High School students participate in the Art Show each year. This is the 10th Annual Carlmont Art Show; we started the show in 2009.”

All visual art classes participate in this yearly tradition: from Art 1 and 2, Studio Art, Ceramics 1 and 2, Digital Art 1 and 2,  Illustration and Design, and Photography 1 and 2.

Upon entering F22, visitors were welcomed by the displays of graffiti, portraits, oil paintings, drawings, and photographs hanging from the walls. Each of the tables was adorned with different collections of 3-D art pieces.

The Visual Arts teachers, including Sheridan, Cynthia Hodges, Tina Condo, and Julia Schulman, greeted the attendees and provided further information on the pieces.

“I attended the art show to support my daughter and support the school,” said Jennifer Vo, the mother of a photography student. “[The staff and students] put up a really good show for the parents; we appreciate that.”

The Art Show’s assortment of colorful works to more serious pieces attracted students, faculty members, family, and friends alike.

Jacob Gotshalk, a sophomore in Art 1, stopped by during Open House.

“My favorite part if the show was walking around and looking at the different works other people got to make, especially the photography,” Gotshalk said. “If I ever take art again, I would love to participate in the show.”