Just Dance competition creates fun environment in the gym


Skylar Weiss

Two students dance to the Just Dance game shown by a projector on the gym wall.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

If a student is in the gym during lunch, it usually means that he or she is attending a sports meeting.

However, during the week of April 2, that wasn’t the case. Instead, students could be seen dancing to choreography shown on the wall by a projector.

From April 2 to April 6, members of ASB held a Just Dance competition in the gym at lunch.

Just Dance is a video game series in which multiple players dance to choreography displayed on a screen and earn points based on their accuracy of the dance moves. The game is available on Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Azucena Duran, a sophomore, was one of the students who organized the competition.

“We decided to run a Just Dance tournament because we are really interested in the project. We love dancing, and we feel like it’s a good way to include people don’t get to play Just Dance at home,” Duran said.

One of ASB’s main reasons for holding different types of lunchtime events is to give students opportunities to get involved in campus activities that appeal to them.

Although some may see the tournament as just an easy game in the gym, putting on the event takes time and planning.

“We had monthly meetings where we came together during lunch and talked about advertisement, gym necessities, and permission slips that we would need, so a lot does go into the planning,” Duran said.

Isabel Harnett, a senior, participated in the competition with her friends.

“I’ve been a big fan of the Just Dance video game for multiple years now. I’ve played it alone at home many times because I’m an only child and that’s my only form of entertainment, so I decided why not put my skills to use and come and compete to show off my moves?” Harnett said.


“I own a lot of the games and I really like dancing. I used to do ballet, so I just wanted to go to back to my roots. The tournament is a fun way to get together with friends and just dance without anyone judging you,” said Mia Craig, a sophomore.