ASB welcomes new students


Zaina Abdelrahman

Jim Kelly gets the attention of students attending the ASB commissioner meeting on Feb. 27.

Zaina Abdelrahman, Staff Writer

“Spirit in, spirit out, spirit up.”

This slogan is used to motivate students who are interested in participating in ASB.

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to an end, many current ASB members will be graduating, leaving 20 open spots for new members.

On Feb. 27, Jim Kelly, the Carlmont activities director, held an informational meeting called the ASB Commissioner Meeting. The meeting consisted of an explanation of the basic fundamentals and functions of ASB.

Leah Auyoung, a junior who applied for a spot in ASB last year, said, “What makes me want to be in ASB is its culture and community feel. I’ve always seen ASB as a goal of mine; a place where I can be a leader and share the love of Carlmont with my peers. You get to know students of any background or grade, and I love that.”

According to Kelly, many students have stress and anxiety when being interviewed, so this year,  ASB has created various ways to relieve stress to make the interviewing process more comfortable.

Jayden Hanan, a sophomore and current ASB human relations service council member, said, “If you are thinking about joining ASB, really think about why you want to be in ASB and make sure it’s for all the right reasons. In your interview, make sure to be polite and convey all of the reasons why you want to be in ASB as well as your thoughts and ideas for Carlmont.”

ASB is split up into three councils: service council, activities council, and executive council. They are then further divided into commissions such as clubs and culture, do something, assemblies, and dance.

Many ASB members have found that they face challenges within the class that they can learn from.

“ASB has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and a leader, which is something that I’ve learned not only from my experience in the class but also from the environment that the school provides,” said Katie Wong, a junior and current ASB clubs and culture commission member. “While it is frustrating when you face obstacles while organizing events, I’ve realized that those experiences are valuable to personal growth and improving the activity in the future.”

Many students believe that the opportunity to help the school outweighs the difficulties that come with it.

“The application process of ASB was intimidating and a challenge, but I couldn’t back down,” said Auyoung.