Baking Club mixes different ideas between students


Alena Ruhstaller

Students drop off their goods and take a seat before they are signaled to eat the day’s treats.

Alena Ruhstaller, Managing Editor

Students scramble into room A14, all drawn in by the aroma of freshly baked goods.

Golden-brown cookies, chocolate-rich brownies, and fluffy cupcakes make up an array of treats near the classroom entrance. This is Baking Club.

Founded in the 2015-16 school year, Baking Club has created an open environment where all members share a love for baking and can exchange personal recipes.

“I joined Baking Club to learn more about baking by doing it more frequently and to share my interest with others who are also passionate about baking,” said Sahana Srinivasan, a freshman.

As the seasons and months progress, members of Baking Club explore new concoctions to fit the monthly baking theme, largely based off of seasonal holidays or traditions.

“We usually bring in food corresponding to the theme that was provided and share our creations while watching a baking show throughout the meeting,” Srinivasan said.

Students, however, don’t only join the club to satisfy their cravings for the sweets.

“Baking Club is a fun environment to be involved in,” said Anna Jedrzejek, a sophomore. “It allows people to meet others that share an interest in baking.”

The wide variety of products opens up horizons for new recipes and ideas in baking.

“Baking Club allows me to express myself through what I bake,” Srinivasan said. “I would recommend for people to join because it lets you meet new people with similar interests. The variety of different recipes that are incorporated also lets you try new recipes from different people.”

In addition to being a social club, Baking Club also hopes to serve the community by hosting bake sales and donating to charities.

At the 2017-18 Clubs Fair and Back-to-School Night, the club raised over $250 for hurricane relief in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The club hopes to continue to raise money through bake sales.

The Baking Club meets every second and fourth Monday of the month in A14 at lunch.