Bay trail brings people outdoors


The bay trail is a great place to get outside. The trail runs alongside the San Francisco bay.

Catherine Dahlberg, Staff Writer

Spring weather makes people want to shed their winter layers, starting moving again, and enjoy the outdoors. The San Francisco Bay Trail, a 500-mile walking and cycling path that cuts through Redwood Shores on the levee, is a popular place for residents to get outside and enjoy the spring weather.

“I go there usually right before golden hour and when the weather is nice. I haven’t been going lately because it’s been raining, but, over the summer especially, I go there often,” said sophomore Dani Dinulos.

Residents can be found on the bay trail at almost any time during the day.

“In my opinion, the best time to go to the levee is either early in the morning at sunrise, during the late afternoon at sunset, or at night when everything’s pitch black except for the stars and the reflection of the moon on the water,” said Sequoia High School freshman Juliette Carbonnet.

The evening is a popular time for photographers to take pictures of the landscape surrounding the bay trail. 

“I especially like going to the levee around dusk with my friends to take pictures of the sunset for my photography class,” said Abbey Vance, a junior.

The natural beauty of the Belmont Slough and open space along the northwest path attracts people seeking relaxation.

“I go to the levee when I want to clear my mind and go back into a calmer state of mind. When I go, I usually sit or stand and look at the view, sometimes I’ll listen to music,” said Carbonnet, “What I enjoy the most about it is that it’s a new experience every time I go there, there’s something new to see every time and it’s so beautiful, unique, and tranquil.”

“Sometimes when I’m stressed and need a breather I go to the levee. I also go to the levee with friends and the view is amazing at sunset and golden hour,” said Dinulos.

With miles of curving, paved pathway, dirt trails, and gravel stretches along the Redwood Shores levee, this segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail is a place that offers spectacular scenery and the chance to view native plants and wildlife.  

“At the levee, I see a lot of wildlife, mostly birds, but sometimes I’ll see rabbits or squirrels,” said Carbonnet.

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