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‘Bluey’ captures the hearts of an older audience

“Bluey” is an Australian children’s show popular amongst children, teens, and adults. The show features the life of main character Bluey, along with her friends and family.

Emmy award-winning TV series “Bluey,” which first aired in 2018, has become a hit children’s show worldwide. The Australian show created by Joe Brumm lets viewers see the everyday life of a six-year-old heeler puppy named Bluey. The show is well-known for appealing to both children and adults.

“I wanted to show that parents would enjoy watching with their kids rather than just sort of tolerating it. Because I thought that must be a really great experience for a young kid, a 4-year-old, a 5-year-old, to be sitting on a couch laughing together with their parents at their favorite show,” Brumm said in an interview with NPR.

TikTok first introduced sophomore Sadie Schneider to the series. 

“I was just going to watch a few episodes, but I watched the entire show in two weeks,” Schneider said.

“Bluey” captivates many older fans through its simple yet colorful art style. A member of the fan base, 19-year-old artist and graphic design student Rowan Oswald, is part of a community of artists who make art inspired by “Bluey.” 

“I love character design and wanted to try making my own show characters,” Oswald said.

The messages hidden within each episode are intriguing to teenagers and adults.

“I really love the episode ‘Takeaway,’” Oswald said. “The whole lesson behind it is teaching people to make the most of their childhood. It encourages parents to let their child be a child and to not push them into being mature too quickly.”

Lexi Wollin has two young children and was looking for a children’s show that provided real value to children, when “Bluey” went viral on social media.

“Everyone was commenting on the main characters, Bluey and Bingo, for their problem-solving skills and empathy for each other,” Wollin said.

Sometimes, episodes have more subtle themes beneath more obvious life lessons.

“I feel like ‘Bluey’ is for any age, and what age you are affecting what lessons you’ll take from it,” Schneider said. “If you’re watching it from a teenager or adult perspective, you’ll see the depth of the episode.” 

The cartoon has a play adaptation of the series showing in the U.S. and other countries. “Bluey” fans can also expect a longer 28-minute episode, streaming on ABC and Disney+ in 2024.

“I’m really pleased with how well this show did as well as the new direction kids’ shows have taken with this genre,” Oswald said.

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