Boba Guys offers more than milk tea


Mariela Ramirez

The menu provides a wide variety of drinks from a “Strawberry Tea Fresca” to a “Dirty Horchata.”

Mariela Ramirez, Staff Writer

Boba Guys isn’t only well known for its various bubble milk tea options.

The line to get into the shop is infamous and often times hangs out of the door.

Boba Guys was founded by Andrew Chau and Bin Chen in 2012. Since then, shops all over New York, Los Angeles, and nine just in the Bay Area alone have opened. The shop on Laurel Street opened on June 17, 2017.

“The line is usually very long around lunchtime and in the evening, so you have to go when it’s quiet if you want to avoid a massive line,” said Emma Weitz, a sophomore.

The milk tea is often satisfactory for many customers, but the question of whether or not the line is worth the wait arises.

For regular customers, the delay seems trivial as long as they get their beverage.

“I go to Boba Guys probably at least once a week, and the quality of the boba is pretty good. The line goes fairly quickly especially for the number of workers staffed and the number of drinks each person orders,” Weitz said.

However, there are many who believe that the wait doesn’t seem necessary just to purchase a drink.

“The line isn’t worth it because you can get better boba at a better price, and you don’t have to stand in an unnecessarily long line,” said Anthony Martin, a sophomore.

In addition, it may be arguable that the Boba Guys slogan, “Serving the highest quality bubble milk tea in the world,” doesn’t live up to its promise.

“The bubble milk tea is good, but there’s nothing really special about it, and you can get milk tea just about anywhere,” Martin said.

Even though the line may make customers peeved, it helps that there are employees who are welcoming and efficient.

“The employees are always very nice, and the customer service is fantastic if there is something wrong with your drink,” Weitz said.

Not only can the line be nerve-racking for customers, but it can cause stress among employees.

“It gets really busy on Sunday afternoons and Saturday nights, but it’s a good type of stress,” said Sophie Brack, a sophomore who works at Boba Guys.

At the end of the day, many don’t care about the line they have to wait in.

“I certainly won’t let the line get in my way of a great drink,” Weitz said.