Boys JV soccer dominates Mills in preseason scrimmage


Larkin Chock

Sam Stabinsky, a freshman, dribbles the ball down the field.

The boys JV soccer team swiftly shut down Mills High School in a short preseason match with a final score of 7-0.

The Scots were quick to gain control of their first game, scoring three goals less than 10 minutes into the first half.

“The opposing team wasn’t very strong, so we were able to move the ball around, which helped us gain a big lead,” said Max Klar, a sophomore.

Despite the substantial lead over the Vikings, the Scots didn’t stop there.

During the first half of the game, multiple passes were made between the Scots, keeping the pressure on the Vikings. Few of the Vikings defensive players were able to stop Carlmont’s quick front line.

With only 35 minute halves, as opposed to the usual 45, both teams had less time to score. Still, the Scots were able to score five goals 11 minutes into the game, although one of the goals was discounted due to a player being offside.

The Vikings had few attempts on Carlmont’s goal as they seemed unable to get the ball through the Scots’ defense.

By halftime, the Scots held a confident 5-0 lead.

After switching sides, Carlmont’s coach, Ryan Freeman, switched up the lineup and allowed new players to go in.

This new set of players struggled to find their rhythm as the possession of the ball was almost even between the teams. Both teams battled back and forth in hopes of scoring a goal.

Nearing the end of the game, the Scots gained another point when the Vikings’ goalie scored an own goal, where he tipped it into the goal after an attempted block. Unfortunately for the Vikings, the blunder would put them down 6-0. In a last surge of energy, the Scots scored a final goal with five minutes left to wrap up the game.

By the sound of the ref’s whistle, the game was over, and the Scots won 7-0.

Although the Scots came out victorious, team captain Alexander Viatchenko-Karpinski, a sophomore, believes that the team can learn a lot from this match against Mills.

“I think that we played very well, and the chemistry is still in progress, but I think there’s a lot to improve and we’ll get much better in the future,” Viatchenko-Karpinski said.

As this game is a preseason win for the Scots, Freeman has high expectations for the future of the season.

“Overall, I am very happy with the team’s performance, but when it comes down to it, we won the league last year and I want us to defend our title,” Freeman said.

The Scots’ plan to work hard at practice in preparation for their first league game.

“We need to work on playing as a team instead of individually and just connecting our passes,” Viatchenko-Karpinski said.

Carlmont’s first league game is on Nov. 25, against Woodside.