Boys volleyball leaves Aragon’s court with a loss


Mackenzie O'Connell

Senior Malcolm McClellan (18) spikes the ball, earning a point for the Scots.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

On March 24, the Dons defeated Scots in a close four-set game. Every match was a hard fight by every player on both sides of the net.

On the sidelines, posters were waved and cheers echoed from the gym walls, but the Scots couldn’t get their heads in the game and were unable to pull out a win on the Dons’ court.

Sophomore Jonah Przybyszewski said, “We definitely could play better tonight. We weren’t getting our heads in this whole game.”

Though the Scots had a tough time on the court, their issues were rooted in lack of communication and hits over the net. A 25-22 defeat ended the first set as the Scots tried hard to earn themselves a win.

Junior Peyton Young said, “We need to improve on what we’re doing with communication, focus, and keeping our heads up because are a first-year team.”

Although miscommunication and weak serves took place on the court, the Scots did take part in hard blocks, hits and saves against the Dons.

Young and senior Malcolm McClellan were a hard wall to overcome. The Dons’ spikes were threatened by the duo’s blocks as they jumped to block the zone above the net. Senior Jacob Segal also had a series of kills and saves that kept Carlmont and Aragon neck and neck throughout each set.

Junior Brett Fitzpatrick said, “We had many hitting and serving problems, but Jacob stood out tonight. During this game he had more kills than usual and had the ball more.”

The Dons won with a 3-1 win as the team had multiple blocks and kills that the Scots were unable to read before the ball hit the court.

Przybyszewski said, “Segal did a great job. He hasn’t served in a while and it’s hard to serve under that much pressure, and he did it.”

The final fourth set ended with a 25-20 loss as the boys struggled to find motivation on the court to earn a win.

As the season progresses, the new team will work together to put finishing touches on their plays to earn more wins in the future.

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