Calpurnia’s ‘City Boy’ makes a splash in indie rock

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Zana Lunsford , Staff Writer

“City Boy,” the new hit single by the rising band Calpurnia, sings an indie rock n’ roll sound that delights the ears with simple but catchy lyrics.

Lead singer Finn Wolfhard led his band mates, lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe, bassist Jack Anderson, and drummer Malcolm Craig, into a whirlwind of writing new tunes and a passion for instruments and indie-rock music.

“City Boy” is the band’s first single while being managed by Royal Mountain Records. Before the hit single, which reached the top of Spotify’s Viral 50 chart, Calpurnia was a group of high school students just wanting to jam out.

While Wolfhard is known for his acting career in “Stranger Things” and “It,” his role as lead singer in Calpurnia gives the band their raspy tone and energizing soul.

The melody starts off by setting the beat with catchy guitar riffs from Tesler-Mabe and a moving rhythm from Craig on the drums.

With lyrics like “When I walk around my room/ There is nothing else to say/ When I walk around my room/ Everything will be okay,” and “I am a city boy/ You are a city girl/ You date the city tool/ I am a city fool,” give the song an ear worm sound that has a knack for getting stuck in your head.

Toward the end of the song, lead guitarist Tesler-Mabe comes in with an amazing guitar riff that is impressive for the 17 year-old rising artist.

Craig and Anderson lay down a fluid beat and melody that makes you want to get up and move. The feel of the drums and bass guitar while wearing earbuds is enough to make me want to dance; I can’t imagine what they sound like live.  

While Wolfhard’s raspy vocals lead the band throughout the song, Tesler-Mabe, Anderson, and Craig’s instrumental contributions aren’t overlooked.

Even though Calpurnia is a young band with young artists, I’m looking forward to what the band will create in the future. Similar to bands like Nirvana and the Beatles, Calpurnia has the potential to becoming a prominent, influential band in our future music and indie rock culture.

The catchy, indie rock tune with witty lyrics has left listeners like myself satisfied and wanting more from the band. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for the talented artists of Calpurnia.