Carlmont badminton wins against Sequoia

Carlmont badminton wins against Sequoia

On Thursday, March 27, Carlmont badminton defeated Sequoia High School 12-3.

One major issue Carlmont’s players faced going into the matches is the lack of courts in the gym to warm up on. Since there are only seven courts in the gym, not everyone had a chance to warm up for very long prior to their match.

Sophomore Kelly Liu plays third girls singles and won her matches; one with a score of 21-7 and the other 21-4.

Liu said, “The game was rather easy, though I did get a little worried near the end of my first game when my opponent won a couple of points in a row.”

Overall it was a successful day for the Scots, but not all team members were satisfied.

Senior Iris Choi said, “We could do better, it is just that because it is after school we are really tired, but after a while we get back to normal and we play better I guess.”

Choi plays number three girls doubles with her partner Sabrina Liu, they won both of  their games with a score of 21-7.

Sophomore Jesherun Chen said, “It wasn’t my best day. I could have improved by speeding up; I’m too slow. We’ve been  2-0 so far. Sequoia doesn’t have the best reputation for badminton, so I think our team will do well.”

Freshmen Pauline Sy said, “Their top players were really good. Those were the three matches we lost.”

Seniors Raj and Jay Aurora both found out that they were accepted into UC Berkeley on Thursday, which set a very happy tone for the game.

“[When we found out] Jay kind of started to scream. We weren’t really nervous for the game, it’s more of a game just for enjoyment. We don’t really prepare either. We do have about a two-minute warm up before we begin, but that’s about it. Practices are much more intense in preparation and conditioning,” said Aurora.

While Sequoia was beat fairly easily by Carlmont, the true test is yet to come.

Liu said, “Aragon and Mills are usually the hardest to beat, but we beat Aragon in our first game against them and Aragon beat Mills, so we’re expecting to beat Mills too.”

The Scots will play next at El Camino on Tuesday, April 2 at 4 p.m. for the second time in the season.

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