Carlmont Cup sign-ups are back in full swing


Amy Fullerton

Maya Schwartz, a junior, signs up the girls tennis team for Carlmont Cup.

Amy Fullerton, Staff Writer

It’s the beginning of the year, and Carlmont Cup is up and running again.

It’s one of the many school activities that students participate in. Students of all and grade levels are signing up to participate in the ASB room during lunch.

The Carlmont Cup event was started in recent years and has been a success with the school population. It is an annual competition that takes place during lunch, with multiple clubs and sports teams competing against each other in fun games for a chance to participate in the homecoming assembly in October. 

Every year, ASB’s spirit commission organizes the event. Theo Korolev, a junior and a commissioner in spirit commission, said that Carlmont Cup takes a lot of planning and collaboration to make it a hit with the students.

“To organize Carlmont Cup, spirit commission follows steps that include testing games for the event, coming up with new games, getting the right groups to participate, and more,” said Korolev.

The competition usually brings the crowds with people racing to the quad the minute the bell rings after third period. The crowds can sometimes be chaotic, which can be a new experience for underclassmen.

Many students new to the school view the events as opportunities to see the many clubs and groups that Carlmont has to offer throughout the year.

Audrey Boyce, a freshman, is especially eager to see the annual lunchtime activity.

“I don’t know much about Carlmont Cup, but it seems like a good idea to get new students involved at Carlmont,” said Boyce.

Amy Yolland, a senior and a future participant in Carlmont Cup, is thrilled to show off her talents during the event. Yolland was a participant last year as well and is excited to do it again.

“I’ve participated in the event since my freshman year, so [I’ve done it] four years, including this year. My favorite game is musical chairs because it gets the most intense and involves a big portion of the team,” said Yolland.

For those still who want to participate, sign-ups are open every day at lunch in the ASB room and end Sept. 8.