Carlmont dancers strive to be ‘Flawless’


Aexandra Stein

Freshman Elena Pazdera, along with Intermediate Dance, prepares for the Homecoming Assembly.

Jill Albertson, Staff Writer

“Five, six, seven, eight!”

Carlmont’s Intermediate and Advanced Dance groups have been preparing for their big debut in the Homecoming Assembly on Oct. 22. For four to five weeks, lots of rehearsal time during class as well as at lunch has been devoted to learning and perfecting the dance numbers.

This year’s dances are student-choreographed by a group of senior girls in Advanced Dance: Taylor Murray, Mia Firpo, Taya Cowan, Emily Sevillia, and Allison Schrick.

According to Murray, “Since freshman year, my friends and I have been talking about choreographing together during senior year, so it’s super exciting that we finally got to do it.”

Advanced Dance will be performing one number, and the other will be performed by Intermediate Dance. One performance will include a mashup of “Flawless” and “711” by Beyoncé, and the other will feature a mashup of “I’m Legit” by Nicki Manaj and “College Drop” by Sage the Gemini.

Lexi Posey, a junior in Advanced Dance, said, “This is definitely our best dance yet. The choreographers are the best we’ve ever had and the music is something I think everybody will enjoy. I’m really excited!”

The rehearsal process consists of a lot of repetition and dedication.

Sophia Gunning, a sophomore in Intermediate Dance, said, “At first everyone spreads out, and they teach us the choreography. Then we wait until everyone has it down to assign formations. We just run it over and over and over again until we’re confident enough to perform it.”

As a choreographer, Murray said, “After teaching the dance we like to clarify any questions the girls may have and then add our own comments and critiques on what they can improve upon for the next time we run it.”

Dance has performed in the Carlmont Homecoming Assemblies for many years.

Sophomore Liz Boman said, “Dance always pumps up the crowd and brings a good homecoming spirit. I’m excited to see them perform!”