Golf team is in the lead

The Scots’ golf team is currently undefeated with a record of 7-0.

The appalling weather last week that left Carlmont on the edge of flooding also prevented the golfers from playing their match against Hillsdale and San Mateo High School.

Instead of omitting, the Scots held a rematch game at Crystal Springs Golf Course on Tuesday, Mar. 29.

From the scheduled date to the rematch date, the weather improved significantly from heavy rain to clear skies.

The top six out of 12 scores are chosen from the golf team to compete in every match. This match included the following athletes: Patrick Soli, Ryan Tierney, Andrew Witt, Jacob Rudger, Luke Li, and Garett Allen.

At the end of the match, Carlmont came in first place with a low score of 207. Hillsdale’s golf team came in second with a final score of 248. And San Mateo High School came in last place with a score of 275.

For Carlmont, Soli’s results was the best overall with a score of 37. Tierney came in second place for the Scots with a 39, Witt placed third with a score of 41, Rudger with a 44, Li finished with a total of 46, and Garett Allen came in last with a score of 47.

“We’re having a great season, and hopefully we will go undefeated,” said Luke Branscum, a sophomore golf team member.

The team seems to be doing very well, and according to Branscum they “have great unity and all get along really well.”

Even with the horrific weather in the bay area, Carlmont remains to be in first place in their division.