Carlmont staff shoots its way to victory


Samantha Dahlberg

The staff vs. student basketball game was held in the main gym on March 24. The students lost with a score of 24-17.

Samantha Dahlberg, Staff Writer

Many students filled the main gym on March 24 for the student vs. staff basketball game.

The large crowd added a new aspect to the game as many could feel the effects of the student’s energy in the gym.

“It gets pretty competitive because of the crowd. I think if there wasn’t a crowd, it probably wouldn’t be as competitive. There’s definitely a good amount of competition,” said Michael Vossen, a Spanish teacher and staff team member.

The game served as a goal for many students as they looked forward to playing against their teachers throughout their time at Carlmont.

“I have some of the teachers who played and Mr. Kelly is my swim coach. It was interesting being on the same level as them and being able to play a game with them,” said Megan Olazer, a senior and participant in the game.

Some of the other student basketball players were seniors Ryan Geronimo, Sean Prozell, Brett Fitzpatrick, Matt Reiley, Vinny Bologna, Sam Perry, and Nour Zabaneh.

The opposing team consisted of Carlmont staff members Michael Vossen, Joshua Engberg, Jim Kelly, David Heck, Patrick Smith, Ralph Crame, Oscar Vasquez, and David Low.

In the beginning of the game, the score changed many times and the teams went from losing to winning, or vice versa, very quickly, indicating a close game. 

Then, the teachers started to score quickly, leaving the students trailing behind at 30-19.

“They were a lot bigger and more organized than us,” said Prozell.

Although both teams had a full squad, they were lacking in female participants. Many hope more females participate in the upcoming student vs. staff volleyball game on April 5.

“We try to include everyone as much as we can, but a lot of women just aren’t comfortable coming out or they don’t have a lot of basketball experience. We try to get them to come out and play if they can,” said Crame.