Carlmont student tests positive for COVID-19


Elise Hsu

According to the email that Principal Ralph Crame sent to parents of Carlmont students, the school is taking precautions to ensure a safe campus for all. “The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” the email read.

A Carlmont student has tested positive for COVID-19, according to an email that parents of Carlmont students received on Oct. 23.

The email, which had the subject “CHS – Health and Safety info,” also outlined a new screening process for campus visitors that includes a list of questions to answer and a temperature check. All staff, students, and visitors with prearranged appointments must go through the screening before they are allowed to enter campus. Visitors who enter campus to fulfill a short task, such as picking up materials, are exempt from the screening; however, according to the email, they must leave campus as soon as they have finished their task.

Principal Ralph Crame, who sent the email, said this isolated case should have no effect on plans to return to campus next semester, but this could change if more students start testing positive. He described the precautions that the school is taking to reduce COVID-19 risk on campus.

“We are using the San Carlos gate [for entry] and asking all students to check-in at the Scots Gym… We are cleaning the classrooms and spaces they are using regularly,” Crame said, adding student restrooms will be sanitized every hour. 

Crame’s email also mentioned that the student who tested positive gathered with other students off-campus and exposed them to the virus. According to Crame, Carlmont’s Health Team is contacting any student who was potentially exposed; students who think they have been exposed should self-quarantine and contact their regular doctor and the Carlmont Health Team.

If you are a student and have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact the Carlmont Health Team as soon as possible and fill out the SUHSD COVID Self Reporting Form. The Carlmont Health Team consists of District Nurse Heidi Flaig ([email protected]) and Health Aide Sami Gingher ([email protected]).