Carlmont students express themselves in Art Club


Aaron Trierweiler

Nick Mattas works on his drawing inside of Art Club.

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

Lights and darks, paints strewn across the room, masterpieces hanging on the walls.

No, this isn’t a museum. It’s room F12 during lunchtime; this is art club.

Art club is a place for students who take art classes and want to develop their skills and for students that just want the opportunity to experience art and different mediums.

“Art Club is great, as leaders, we give participants instructions about how to create a certain piece of art, and then we leave the creativity to them so that they have the freedom to make what they want,” Lauren Bazigian, a senior, said.

Many students at Carlmont focus on their grades and hardest classes, but for some, creativity and expression are of utmost importance.

“I feel that the power of creativity and imagination is underestimated at our school. Many people think that getting good grades and getting into the Advanced Placement (AP) classes are really important, but in the long run, it’s your passion and dedication that matter the most,” Jonathan Yip, a senior, said.

One of the key factors of the existence of Art Club is expression. The club is driven by the belief that for students to have an extra way to express themselves at school is crucial, especially since this expression is not something that is assigned for points or a grade. No matter the talent of a person, Art Club offers the same things to everyone.

“The purpose of Art Club is to let students come in once a week during lunch, no matter their background in art, and have fun expressing themselves through different types of art,” Emma Armstrong, a senior, said.

Expressing one’s passion is very important; it gives a sense of dedication, which prompts not only students, but adults as well, to work their hardest and follow their passions.

“Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and many other famous people were/are successful in life because they never gave up on following their passions,” Yip said Yip.

Art Club is meant for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience in art, or you have no experience at all; it is still for everyone.”

— Lauren Bazigian