Art Club spreads creativity at Carlmont


Emma Armstrong

Art Club members work on their art pieces.” My favorite part of the club is seeing everyone create art that they are proud of,” said Katie Hill, a senior and vice president.

Marina Ferme, Staff Writer

Art Club is all about experimenting with different styles and mediums while learning more about themselves in the art that they create.

The club wants to practice with many art mediums, such as oil paints, water colors, step-by-step drawings of flowers, screen paintings, colored pencil.

“Our meetings are for working on art projects we have started in a previous week. It is a time when everyone sits down together and can openly ask questions about different mediums of art we are working on,” said Emma Armstrong, the club president and a senior.

The club started last year and was created to have an environment where anyone could come and create art, no matter their artistic background or knowledge of art.

“The purpose of this club is to allow people to express themselves and try new art techniques and mediums they might have never tried before,” said senior and vice president Katie Hill.

In the club, everyone helps each other on the new types of styles that they are working on.

“The meetings are very exciting with meeting new people, learning different ways to paint, and getting tips from each other” said Holly Bazigian, a member of Art Club.

Art Club makes it a point to be inclusive with everyone working together to get better at their own artistic style.

“The end goal of this year would be to have members get to know different mediums and how to apply them to their own artistic style,” said Armstrong.

At the end of the year, the club plans to join a studio art class on a field trip to a museum and experience more styles of painting.

“I want to improve my art skills and have a good time painting with new people. My favorite style of art is oil painting, which involves sketching and painting with vibrant colors,” said Bazigian.

The club meets weekly on Thursdays in F-12 to work on these different styles of art.

“My favorite part about the club is seeing everyone experimenting and coming up with their designs on their own and finding their artistic style,” said Armstrong.