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Boys JV water polo gets washed out by Menlo-Atherton

Sophomore Alexey Krytsyn looks for an open shot as he is guarded by an opponent.

Larkin Chock, Staff Writer

October 8, 2019

The boys JV water polo team lost 11-3 to the Menlo-Atherton Bears in just under 45 minutes. In just four quarters, Menlo-Atherton was able to find their groove and takedown Carlmont. Going into the game on Oct. 7, the Scots held a record of 4-2, and the Bears were 4-0. The Scots had already faced the Bears in a previous game, where the Bears w...

Varsity water polo community explains the prioritizing of student-athlete life

Carlmont varsity junior and goalie Thaddeus Duffy perseveres through a tough loss against Woodside.

Lexi Romanowsky, Staff Writer

October 7, 2019

Defining priorities as a student-athlete is something that many face. For varsity players, the sport they play comes with it.  Dedicated boys varsity water polo players from both Woodside and Carlmont high schools agree that the sport requires skill and dedication. When it comes to maintaining g...

Coach-less JV girls dominate Panthers in two-set victory

Sophomore Nadia Fedetova	ferociously spikes the ball on the Panthers defense.

Anthony Eliopoulos, Staff Writer

October 4, 2019

Carlmont's JV girls volleyball team easily defeated the Burlingame Panthers to carry on their winning streak after being left coach-less due to the firing of their former coach. Carlmont won the first set 25-21 and the second set 26-24 in triumphant fashion. The team's composure and resiliency helped...

JV boys water polo suffers defeat to the Wildcats

Lucas Calenda, a sophomore, looks for an open teammate while an opposing player puts up a block.

Izzy Wilson, Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

The JV boys water polo team suffered a defeat against the Woodside Wildcats in an intense game that resulted in a score of 10-3. The team's loss may have been partially due to two of their starters being unable to play. One of the starters, Alexey Krystyn, a sophomore, was unable to play due to sick...

Girls JV volleyball wins against Woodside despite coach vacancy

Sophomore Nadia Fedetova serves the ball to the opposing team.

Lara Craciun, Podcast Producer

October 2, 2019

Carlmont High School’s girls JV volleyball team remained without a head coach during their two-set win against Woodside High School.  Last week, Carlmont let the team’s JV coach go halfway through his first season with the team. For the game on Oct. 1, varsity coach Michael Lapuz and physical...

Girls varsity volleyball shuts down San Mateo

Morgan McClellan, a senior, goes up for a hit against opposing San Mateo blockers.

Josh Barde, Segment Producer

September 27, 2019

After three quick sets, the girls varsity volleyball team managed to take the win against San Mateo.  The Scots started the game off strong, quickly winning the first set 25-10. However, in the second set, San Mateo came back stronger and more precise. They kept the point differential to a minimum for most ...

JV girls water polo falls to Notre Dame in the Battle of Belmont

Noe Foehr looked for her shot on offense against Notre Dame. Foehr is one of the few freshmen on JV.

Savannah Velschow, Staff Writer

September 26, 2019

Carlmont’s JV girls water polo team lost 8-2 against Notre Dame High School in the Battle of Belmont. The loss on Sept. 25 was partially due to the Scots' lack of players. Carlmont was down three players going into the second half against Notre Dame. One of the Scots' team captains Anika Marino,...

Volleyball player serves up story of her experiences

Keani Haake, a sophomore, gets in a defensive position while she waits for the spike.

Katie Wheeler, Staff Writer

September 26, 2019

Sophomore Keani Haake's passion for volleyball is not only evident in her skill but also her spirit and support of her teammates. Haake plays for Carlmont’s girls JV volleyball team. She is the team’s sole libero, meaning defensive specialist. She is mainly responsible for the first hit, called a pass or bump, a...

Girls varsity water polo loses the Battle of Belmont

Samantha Day, Senior, looks for open spaces to pass the ball to during the third quarter.

Claire Tseng, Staff Writer

September 26, 2019

The girls varsity water polo team faced defeat against the Notre Dame Tigers on Sept. 25, losing their two-game winning streak. Notre Dame's quick offense led them to a 10-4 victory. The Scots had previously won their game against Half Moon Bay on Monday. Running off of Monday's momentum, the team was de...

Carlmont girls varsity volleyball walks away victorious against Terra Nova

Nicole Olazar, a junior, and Valentina Yudin-Baehrle, a senior, block a hit from Terra Nova.

Joley Bove and Niamh Marren

September 25, 2019

In just three sets, the Carlmont girl's varsity volleyball team fiercely won against Terra Nova. Although the Scots dominated the Tigers, the Carlmont players felt as though they did not play to their full potential. When the team played Terra Nova in a scrimmage before the season, the Scots won easi...

Girls JV volleyball dominates Tigers

Claire Tseng, a sophomore,    spikes the ball in the first set.

Amber Chia, Staff Writer

September 25, 2019

The Carlmont JV volleyball team defeated the Terra Nova Tigers after just two sets, giving the Scots a 3-1 winning record despite not having their regular coach. Heading into the game, the Scots knew that their regular coach, Vern Leslie, would be unable to be present. As a replacement, the team had...

Bernice Orwig is not your average coach

Coach Bernice Orwig instructs her girls varsity water polo team.

Ayal Meyers, Staff Writer

September 24, 2019

Bernice Orwig is not your average girls varsity high school water polo coach. What sets her apart are her two silver medals. She had always loved the water, but high school was when Orwig first picked up a water polo ball. "I started playing water polo when I was a freshman in high school," said...

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