Chess Club helps students learn strategy


Maxwell Jung

Carlmont students can join Chess Club to play a friendly game with their peers or challenger their strategy skills.

Maxwell Jung, Staff Writer

Not everyone pictures chess when they want to play something fun, but chess can truly be a fun and engaging activity.

The Carlmont Chess Club led by math teacher Michael Skrable is a relaxing environment to play one of history’s favorite past time. It is friendly to all levels of players, and the newer players can learn from the more experienced.

As chess is a game very reliant on strategy, just the act of playing can help to improve strategic thinking skills.

A member of the club Brandon Lee, a junior, said, “I enjoy going to chess club because it is a place for me to play one of my favorite games, which allows me to learn even more about how to play the game as well as to engage my mind with a strategic and entertaining game.”

The alluring part of chess is that one can play day after day for years and never play the same game, because of the immensity of the move combinations that are possible.

Freshman Tildon Pointer said, “I like to play chess because of the strategies that are available and because I know I can always learn more ways to play the game.”

Another enjoyable part of chess is that it is a two player game, and one can always find someone whom with one can play.

The ability to play with friends is one of the reasons why sophomore Justin Hsu attends the club meetings.

Hsu said, “Chess is really fun to play against a random opponent, but when you go to chess club you can play with your friends which is even more fun because of the added competition.”

Overall, not only does the club help members to enhance their critical thinking skills but it also provides a fun place to play an engaging game during their weekly Friday meetings at lunch in Skrable’s classroom.