Choir Council brings music to Carlmont


Francesca D'Urzo

Beyda Ramirez, a senior, auditions for the role of Elf in Choir Council’s upcoming Holiday Sing-Along event during a council meeting.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

Carlmont is the home of the Choir Council Club, whose members dedicate themselves to enhancing the Carlmont Choir Program by conducting a number of student-led fundraisers, shows, and musical events.

Choir Council began in Carlmont’s earlier years in order to provide more student leadership and involvement in the choir program, as well as to aid the choir teacher in running the music program effectively.

“Carlmont Choir is a huge — it’s a nearly 200 person program that requires a lot of student management. Currently, our Choir Council makes the core decisions for the program, such as team bonding community events, concert decorations, and more. If our teacher had to do all of this herself, choir definitely wouldn’t be as social and smoothly run as it is now,” said Choir Council President Kiran Boone.

Francesca D’Urzo
Choir Council Presidents Kiran Boone and Jill Albertson present new event ideas at one of their regular Friday lunch meetings in room F21.

Council members are currently focusing on executing their Holiday Sing-Along event, which is being held at the Carlmont Performing Arts Center on Dec. 2.

“The Holiday Sing-Along is student-led and acts as a promotion and fundraising event for Carlmont Choir. A lot of kids from the area gather to sing holiday songs, and we have face paint and a bake sale. The sugar plum fairy dances, and Santa makes an appearance, so it’s a lot of fun!” said Choir Council President Jill Albertson.

The club is also working on developing more interactive community events, such as Choir Council’s Movie Sing-Alongs throughout the year, where people can attend and sing along to Frozen, Moana, and other classic movie soundtracks.

Additionally, Choir Council assists in preparing for Carlmont Choir’s annual winter concert by handling the decorations and the clean up afterwards. The concert will be held at the Carlmont Performing Arts Center on Dec. 15 and Dec. 16.

Through their events, the club strives to embody their core values of cooperation, student leadership, camaraderie, and community involvement, all while funding the program.

“Choir Council values fair representation and decision-making among our members. We work to make choir a really fun and exciting program to be in here at Carlmont, while also making sure that everyone feels heard. Our overall purpose is to keep the family-like aspect of choir alive and make it fun for the members,” said Boone.

Sophomore Katie Mannion recently joined the council and has already participated in their activities.

“For me, Choir Council is a great opportunity to make a difference in a program that I truly care about. It is a great way to fund Carlmont Choirs and gain leadership experience at the same time,” said Mannion.

If interested, Choir Council meets every Friday during lunch in F21.

For more information about Choir Council’s events and ticket sales, check out the official Carlmont Choir Program website.