Christian Club offers a safe place for Carlmont Christians


Kelsey Chandra

Christian Club Co-president Kalea Pasion speaks to the members of Christian Club about the upcoming meeting.

Adrian Cunningham, Staff Writer

Every Thursday, a group of students comes together to discuss the Christian faith.

This is Christian Club: a place for students who share the same religious beliefs to come together and speak about religion and other aspects of their beliefs.

“Christian Club likes to focus on forging bonds between fellow Christians, and those who do not affiliate themselves with our religion or even religion at all,” Drake Zhao, a senior, said.

Held in room C13, the club offers a safe space for Christian students to gather and express themselves and their faith. Every week, the club begins with icebreakers and Bible study, followed by small group work. The meetings always end with a prayer.

“The purpose of Christian club is to have a safe place on campus where anyone and everyone are welcome,” Seema Wadhwa, a junior, said. “It is a place to practice our faith, and, in doing so, we serve and love others and each other.”

The club offers an outlet for students to have support and to learn more about Christianity.

“I enjoy the club because this is a group of people that I know won’t judge me and won’t belittle me for my faith,” Wadhwa said. “There are a lot of people who don’t share the same faith as I do, so having a community like this is hard to find at school. I’m glad to have found a place like it.”

Christian Club is important because it’s a chance for us to realize that we’re not alone in our faith.

— Kalea Pasion

On Nov. 30, the club celebrated this community they forged by having a praise day.

“A praise day is when we get together to sing new worship songs together as a club,” said Kalea Pasion, a senior and the club president.

All members of the club had the opportunity to join together in song and unite as one club under their faith.

“Christian Club is important because it’s a chance for us to realize that we’re not alone in our faith,” Pasion said. “We get the opportunity to grow stronger together in our faith and live it out through service and loving others.”

Christian Club meets every Thursday in room C13.