Classic Films Club raises curtain for new leaders


Annika Barsy

Members of the Classic Films Club watch and discuss “Wings of Desire” in room A1.

Annika Barsy, Staff Writer

As third quarter comes to an end, the Classic Films Club prepares to welcome new leadership and ideas to bring into the next school year.

“Our goal is to appreciate the gems of the film industry,” said sophomore Katrina Sharonin, one of the vice presidents.

The club has come together to watch and share their thoughts on a variety of films, starting off the school year with “Isle of Dogs” and recently watching “Wings of Desire.

“It’s a safe space to explore, critique, discuss, and learn about movies you might not have seen before,” said sophomore Emily Yonts, the other vice president.

While Classic Films Club is more commonly known for showing older films and discussing cinematography, it can also be experienced as a fun and welcoming place to share common interests.

“I was really into film when I joined the club, but my friends weren’t. This club was a place where I could finally embrace my greatest interest at school,” said William Yonts, a senior and club president.

The club also provides insights into films that most likely wouldn’t be considered otherwise.

“I’ve discovered amazing directors through this club, and some works have really changed my outlook on several subjects,” Sharonin said.

The core ideas of the club will not change with its shift in management; however, the approach to content might.

“For next year, Katrina Sharonin and I will be co-presidents, and I’m really excited to lead the club while also getting to watch some of my favorite movies,” Emily Yonts said.

In previous years, it has been difficult for Classic Films Club to find more underclassmen to join their club.

“We hope to bump up our advertising to catch the attention of more people and continue viewing more works,” Sharonin said.

With their new roles, next years presidents make new plans to entice more people to join the club.

“We plan to introduce more modern films, in order to break the idea that the Classic Films Club is only about old movies,” Emily Yonts said.

Some of the proposed movies for next years line up include “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Dial M for Murder,” “Howl’s Moving Castle,” “Spirited Away,” “Into the Spiderverse,” and “Bicycle Thieves.”

The Classical Film Club meets at lunch in room A1 every Monday and Friday.

“All cinematic experiences can be elevated when one can compare the film they’re watching to other great films,” William Yonts said.




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