Classic Films club provides students with entertainment


Aaron Trierweiler

Members of Classic Films club watch a movie during lunch.

Students gather in room A1 for the 47 minutes of lunch, the projector is turned on, a movie is selected, and the show begins.

Classic Films club screens movies during lunch filled with mystery, heroism, and sometimes even romance. There are no specific genres that are preferred; movies are randomly selected.

“We watch mostly what would be considered ‘art movies,’ or movies that are created for the sake of filmmaking, they don’t necessarily have to be a box-office hit,” said Aliyah Wachob, a junior.

According to Wachob, the movies that are watched in Classic Films club aren’t the run-of-the-mill type of movies; they aren’t required to be popular or well known. A lot of the time, the movies that are watched are very different from a student’s normal conception of a movie. As the club name suggests, members of the club attend meetings to enjoy and admire classic films.

“I try to choose films that aren’t too well known. I want people to actually be enjoying film opposed to the familiarity of a line they have already heard before or something of that nature,” said William Yonts, a junior and the president of Classic Films club.

For students, Classic Films club is a place where friends can hang out, eat lunch, and be entertained by a movie.

“I like the that Classic Films club allows students to watch movies that they wouldn’t necessarily watch otherwise. Getting to do it with friends makes the experience that much better,” Lucy Gibbs, a junior, said.

There are no requirements to join Classic Films club, it is just a place where students watch movies and share a mutual love for films made all around the world.

I think Classic Films club offers the opportunity to explore new genres of movies to the students of Carlmont. I think that it also is really different than a lot of the clubs that our school has and allows students extend beyond their comfort zone when it comes to films.””

— Lucy Gibbs