Coders test their skills with competitions


Jackson Monge

In coding competitions, students quickly solve the problems given to them, hoping to leave with a victory.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

Computer science is a growing study among many students in Silicon Valley who seek it out for its very useful opportunities.

By studying computer science, students learn the practical aspects of coding, and can use that knowledge in future jobs.

Although computer science is a recreational hobby, many coders take part in competitions such as Code Quest or Code Wars.

Code Quest is a competition hosted by Lockheed Martin, a defense, security, and technology company.

Several Carlmont students participated in Code Quest and won first place in the Sunnyvale advanced competition.

Under the team name “Sammy Zhang,” the students were able to win by 5 points. These points are given based on how fast the problems are solved.

“It was overall a great experience,” said sophomore Edward Vendrow. “I had a lot of fun, and we got first place. I will definitely do it again next year.”

These competitions encourage coders to compete with one another and allow them to improve their skills.

“Some of the questions can be too hard to answer,” said sophomore Joshua Vendrow. “At the Code Wars competition, my team got second place. I really enjoyed it, and I took away a lot of new ideas from it.”

Through these coding competitions, students can learn new ideas, gain new skills, and have an overall great time.

Hewlett Packard described the competition: “Students enjoy pushing their limits in the energetic atmosphere. After the formal contest is over, we award trophies to the top competitors.”

This is very useful in aiding a coder in their level of knowledge and understanding of the common code languages like Python, or C++. No matter the competition, an event like Code Quest or Code Wars is useful in advancing a coder’s skills.