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Many question the effectiveness of the school curriculum in preparing students to enter the workforce.

School curriculum develops skills for tomorrow

April 9, 2019

Students hunched over their desk, frantically scribbling away at their notes. At the head of the classroom, the teacher drones on about a concept they barely understand or will ...

Second-grade students gather in a discussion.

California’s oldest charter school hopes to develop students’ social-emotional skills

April 9, 2019

In most elementary and middle schools, academic skills are the biggest focus for teachers and children. Multiplication problems, flash cards, and learning cursive are some of th...

Specially designed t-shirts serve as uniforms for students who deliver sandwiches for Lunch in a Pickle Club.

Micro-business on campus teaches management and organizational skills

January 29, 2019

Carlmont is home to around 125 clubs. But what makes Lunch in a Pickle Club stand out is that it doesn't act as a club. It acts as a micro-business. Lunch in a Pickle Club...

Kenny Lee and Adrian Tongthaworn play a match against their friends.

Badminton Club trains members before tryouts

December 6, 2018

With tryouts beginning early next semester, Badminton Club welcomes those that want to improve their skills before the season starts. Badminton tryouts at Carlmont are very competitive due to the vast amount of people l...

The explorers practice folding the fire shelter after watching a firefighter demonstrate how.

The San Mateo County Fire Explorer Program builds firefighting skills

May 21, 2018

The San Mateo County Fire (SMCF) Explorer Program is a youth program designed for career exploration in the fire department. The program is taught by professional firefight...

Life skills posters in Gregory Schoenstein’s classroom portraying the dangers of tobacco and other harmful drugs, just like the many other classrooms in Carlmont.

Life skills positively influences students

March 2, 2018

High school parties often consist of underage drinking, drugs, and other dangerous activities that are potential problems for partygoers.  Life skills, a required high school course,...

One of the club members stays in the classroom after lunch to finish their current computer science exercise.

Computer Science Club practices programming skills

November 2, 2017

The Computer Science Club provides students with a learning environment and preparation for programming competitions. New members can learn programming while older members can practi...

Ryan Callan, a senior, sings a tune to the ears of a watching crowd.

Carlmont’s Got Talent shows off students’ impressive skills

April 28, 2017

The lunchtime crowd erupted into a roar of applause after one of the performers finished their act to the awe of many onlookers. Carlmont’s Got Talent is an annual talent show that allows the school population to see the unique tale...

Carlmont students attend the ASB Commissioner meeting during lunch in the ASB room on Feb. 27.

Students hope to exercise leadership skills by applying for ASB

March 2, 2017

Imagine going to a school with absolutely no activities to raise school spirit; no dances, no lunchtime activities, and no after school activities. At Carlmont, ASB organize...

In coding competitions, students quickly solve the problems given to them, hoping to leave with a victory.

Coders test their skills with competitions

May 24, 2016

Computer science is a growing study among many students in Silicon Valley who seek it out for its very useful opportunities. By studying computer science, students learn the...

ASB poses together for Carlmont's last day of spirit week.

ASB teaches important skills for life

June 2, 2014

Carlmont's ASB offers not only many opportunities to become involved in Carlmont's community, but the course also teaches students many skills that can be applied outside of school. ASB...

Learning how to cook is still taught in some schools.

Everyday skills not taught in high schools

December 11, 2013

Are students being taught all the skills they need? When graduating from high school, students should theoretically be able to take care of themselves as adults. They are expecte...

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