D.E.C.A. convention inspires students for future success


Denise Zhou

The Carlmont D.E.C.A. program smile through the convention in Los Angeles last weekend.

Vincent Wai, Staff Writer

Graduate college. Build your own successful company.

These are the dreams of many participants in the Distributive Education Clubs of America, or D.E.C.A. This type of business education focuses heavily on finance and marketing, which these young entrepreneurs are already getting a taste of.

Last weekend in Los Angeles, the Carlmont D.E.C.A. team attended the State Career Development Conference. It lasted a few days, and participants brought back many takeaways and shared their experiences from this journey.

“There are chapters all over the world in tons of schools and programs that make sure your education and development are really complete. It’s also really great because it prepares you for life in the real world,” sophomore Denise Zhou said.

As vice president of career development of the club, Zhou is expected to guide and develop the members of the club to maximize their success.

“You’re learning skills that will help you in everything you do later in life, and I think that’s really valuable,” Zhou said.

The popular topic of this convention was Lily Gittoes, a sophomore at Carlmont High School. She qualified for competing in Principles of Hospitality and Tourism, where she won first place.

“I will be attending the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with my partner, Sam Fields, as well as Lily Gittoes. I am excited to get a taste of the business competition environment and meet new people who share my passion for entrepreneurship,” said Selena Sun, a sophomore and the club president.

According to Sun, becoming apart of D.E.C.A. was a great sneak peak to her potential future. She has developed throughout her trips and balanced her own progress, all while helping others.

“Although it may be frightening to think about at first, anyone can do business. No matter which vocation a person ends up pursuing, the business skills that they can develop through the D.E.C.A. competition and the new business course we have at school are immensely useful,” Sun said.

It is clear this club offers more than just an academic education for its members; it prepares them for their futures in the world of business. Along with these life lessons, it provides opportunities ranging across the country to truly display their passion for this kind of work.

“Sometimes, the difference between confidence and insecurity is a simple compliment. And sometimes, the difference between being a confident speaker and a timid one is knowing that someone believes in your idea as much as you do. ”

— Selena Sun

“I first learned of D.E.C.A. from my brother, so I was always curious. Looking back, I realized how inexperienced I am and the extent of my abilities. I also found new interests and experiences that I won’t forget,” Justin Wong, a freshman member, said.

D.E.C.A. has helped many students discover what they are interested in and the things that the business field has to offer.