What do you need to know about driving lessons?

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After receiving your permit, the next thing on your mind is to get your license. Though, there are a few steps you have to take before you can drive alone. Driving lessons are not only mandatory before you take your license test, but also helpful.

Driving lessons come in a series of four lessons. All lessons last an hour and a half. You must complete six hours of driving lessons before you can get your license.

In the first lesson, you and your driving instructor go over scanning, blind spots, starting and stopping, and much more. Once you complete your first driving lesson your permit becomes valid and you are allowed to drive with a licensed adult of twenty-five years or older.

When asked did driving lessons help you, Jackie Gabovich said, “I do find it driving lessons useful because it actually teaches you how to drive.”

In the second lesson you go over curves, hills, narrow roads, and you drive on the freeway on and off ramps.  The second lesson is usually a month or a few weeks after your first lesson.

Some think that driving lessons are not useful. Cathy Lau said, “I did not think it was useful because my instructor did not teach me correctly.”

In the third lesson you go over a review of lesson one and two. Finally the last lesson mainly helps you prepare for your license test. This lesson is usually taken right before you take your licensed test.

Some places where you can take your driving lessons are; Strive2Drive, Bay Area Driving School, and Essential Driving School.