Finding Friends through the click of a button


Mackenzie O'Connell

Sophomore Austin Leary tracks his friends and family using the Find My Friends app.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

The Apple industry has been the source of a thriving community for technology users for awhile now, and they haven’t ceased to keep improving and expanding their products.

The Mac world has introduced the Find My Friends app in their new software. This feature, which uses the location services, allows contacts to track each other’s location with each other’s permission.

Though it was initially released Oct. 11, 2011, it has been modified to match the new software of iOS 9 and work efficiently with bug fixes.

This new feature allows Apple to keep their industry and customers connected even when they are apart.

According to Macworld, iPhone users can “use the Find My Friends app to keep track of traveling companions when you’re on vacation… see if your kids are home from school… or to find the friends you’re meeting for dinner.”

Find My Friends has provided comfort to Apple customers, as  parents are enabled to track their kids through knowing the location of their iPhones. Having this advantage at parental finger tips allows them to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

Shirin Apour, the mother of a Carlmont student, said, “This app provides protection and safety for children. I think this could protect accidents like missing children, and allow kids to keep track of their friends at parties and such to stay together.”

This app has also been a hit among teenagers. Friends are able to find each other at parties and other social gatherings through the click of a button. This allows friends to stay together as a group, avoid getting lost, and to meet up in new areas.

Sophomore Austin Leary said, “I love tracking my friends to know where they are. I always find myself on the app just checking up on what my friends are doing. It also starts conversation and can help with making plans.”

The new iOS 9 feature is on all iPhones as soon as they are purchased. Giving mutual permission to share location with family and friends allows both users to track each other at any time.

Apple strives to keep their community together as the Find My Friends app keeps their customers connected.