Former student plays Carrie on a professional stage


Cristina Oeschger as Carrie White in “Carrie the Musical” at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco.

Athena Duran , Staff Writer

Many have dreamed of performing on a professional stage in a big city. For former Carlmont student Cristina Oeschger, this dream became reality.

“Carrie the Musical” took stage at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, starring Oeschger as Carrie White.

Having participated in many musical productions in the past, she was not a stranger to the stage. However, being cast as the title role with a professional company, Oeschger said she was “shocked.” Not knowing what to expect when rehearsals first began, she said that the “experience has been incredible.”

From newspaper articles to posters on the side of a muni bus, Oeschger said that the most exciting part of being involved in Carrie the Musical has been “all the press that comes with it.”

Though participating in such a large production has its perks, there have been some challenges along the way. With many hours of rehearsal, being home-schooled made it easier to get “enough sleep without falling behind in school.”

However, Oeschger said that the most difficult aspect, has been finding time to “see [her] friends.”

Following up with some of her close friends that attend Carlmont, they only had good things to say.

Senior Catherine Luckenbach, talked of Oeschger’s “commitment,” and said that she is “the most talented singer” she knows.

Being part of Carrie the Musical “is like her big break and I’m excited that she has this big opportunity,” said junior Jasmin Riedel.

Both Luckenbach and Riedel said that they were “really proud” of Oeschger and applauded her on her “amazing personality.”

When asked about plans for the future, Oeschger said that she wants to major in musical theatre or voice and intends to pursue a career on Broadway in New York, but she might want to try television and film first.

Finishing a musical number,  Cristina Oeschger smiles as the audience applauds.
Finishing a musical number, Cristina Oeschger smiles as the audience applauds her performance.