French culture comes alive in the French Honor Society

Club members await a student organized presentation on French culture.

Lila Schulman

Club members await a student organized presentation on French culture.

Lila Schulman, Staff Writer

The French Honor Society Club is the place to go to if one is interested in French culture and language.

“It’s a really great experience if you want to immerse yourself in the language without actually going to France,” said junior Max Liberman.

“It’s a club where all the higher level French classes come to study French culture that they wouldn’t normally learn about in class,” said junior Lily Lindmeier.

The club is mandatory for students in French III Honors or AP French, but the club welcomes anyone who would like to learn interesting French customs, as well as acquire more knowledge and understanding of the French language.

The club helps promote French language and culture through several methods, such as having students interact with one another and watching members’ presentations.

“The majority of time, we have either presentations or activities; it’s all French culture-related. We can discuss specific topics or we can just have a handout with questions, where we discuss it with partners,” said senior Kirill Chesnov.

Students are not only able to better their skills through presentations and worksheets, but through other methods that help them learn to conquer the language barrier, speaking the language regardless of the fear of making mistakes.

Junior Leisha Moroney said, “We will talk to each other in French and learn more about each other while speaking the language, so it helps us become more conversational.”

Students in this club are able to get a very clear understanding of French culture, as well as have a good time participating.

“[I like] spending time with people who like the language, because in class we’re always focused on our work, so in French club you get to socialize in French; that’s where you really get to speak the language because it’s not so structured,” said Lindmeier.

The club, while a requirement for some, is both helpful and valuable.

“Speaking French is the main priority; having this club is so you can practice your French outside of the classroom,” said Moroney.

“Definitely, the club is beneficial, because you’re hearing French, people are giving presentations in French, and you are learning new words in some of those presentations about the French culture, especially when they are about one’s experience in France,” said Liberman.

“I joined because, even though it’s obligatory, in class we do a lot of grammar exercises and reading, but the club helps to bring out a more societal aspect where you can talk to each other and learn things other than grammar and stuff you just learn in school,” said Moroney.

The club meets in room A-5 on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. For more information about the club, talk to the club’s adviser Ms. Burton.