Girls varsity basketball falls to Los Gatos


Nour Zabaneh

Freshman Cathrine Dahlberg dribbles down the court against Los Gatos.

Nour Zabaneh, Staff Writer

All though losing to Los Altos, Carlmont girls varsity basketball’s tight bond and strong leadership is a win for the team

On Dec. 5, Carlmont played a strong game but lost to Los Gatos.

Both teams came out intensely in the first quarter and it was evident that it was going to be a good matchup. Ending the first quarter 14-14 both teams proved they were ready to compete.  


“Carlmont is a really good team. We just shut down 15 and 55 and if we didn’t it would have been a completely different game” said Los Gatos senior Korie Seandel. 

Starting the second quarter with a family cheer it was evident the team’s energy was improved and they came out a unified force.

With strong leadership from seniors Lys Hayes and Alexa Bayangos, the Scots kept the Wildcats on their feet. Sadly this wasn’t enough and Carlmont ended the half 24-25.

“ As a team, we need more passing, more communication on defense and to continue with our all around teamwork,” said Hayes.

After a strong pep talk, the Scots came back ready to take the lead. The score continued to go back and forth but Carlmont inability to get rebound eventually took a toll. Although freshman Katherine Dahlberg stepped up her game and showed promising talent the third quarter ended 31-41.

“Overall I played well but there’s always an improvement. I missed some of my shots and could have made  smarter plays” said, Dahlberg.

Carlmont continued to fight in the fourth quarter but their mistakes on defense proved fatal. With her consistent shooting and effective rebounding Dahlberg kept proving herself through the game but her efforts weren’t enough. The team ended up losing the game 45-52.

“All the girls are really encouraging and helpful. It is so great to have such good mentors and people who care for me” said Dahlberg.

As one of the first games of the pre-season Carlmont still has some work to do on defense and  rebounding. But the team has proven their heart and passion as strong assets and will continue to work hard in practice. Their “family” bond has proven powerful and the team is a unified force to be reckoned with.

enough. The team ended up losing the game 45-52.

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