Girls varsity volleyball beats Analy 3-0 in northern California playoffs


Brian Olivares

Sophie Srivastava, a senior, gets ready to serve the ball.

Brian Olivares, Staff Writer

The girls Varsity volleyball team made Carlmont history after winning their first northern California playoff game.

The game started with Carlmont establishing an early dominance, and they were able to win the first set, with many spikes that resulted in kills, and other times in digs.

The crowd proved to be a help to the team and was filled with many students, teachers, and others, who were attending the game to show their support.

“From my experience, I think that applause helps people work even harder,” said sophomore Allie Ayers.

The second set proved itself to be much like the first, and Carlmont took that set in addition to the first set. The crowd supported this, with the exception of those who were cheering for Analy.

Throughout the game, there were many kills from both teams, but Carlmont had the greater amount of kills, giving them a win for that match. Most of the kills were spikes, and some were blocked spikes. This was done by some key players, such as Sophie Srivastava, a senior, who was in play for most of the game.

Once the third set approached, things started to get a little bit different for Carlmont. Analy had five kill lead on Carlmont and continued to stay in the lead for a short while until the Scots turned it around.

“We had some groups that hadn’t played together as much,” said Head Coach Chris Crader.

Although the game had seemed one-sided up until that point, Carlmont let its guard down and began to lose its momentum.

“We got a little bit too comfortable in the end,” said Srivastava.

Regardless of how comfortable the Carlmont team got, they eventually regained control of the match. After catching up to Analy, they went on to beat their opponents and make Carlmont history.

The team’s next game will be the quaterfinals on Nov. 18 and will be a home game.