“Habibi” is not your average sandwich place


Jackson Monge

Habibi proudly displays that they serve Halal meats.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

Many know of The Crepe Stop, which met its end last year. As sad as that may be, there’s a great new place to grab some grub.

Habibi Sandwiches & Smoothies opened about 5 weeks ago and is already quite popular. Their large assortment of sandwiches were all prepared with Halal meats (meats prepared under Muslim law, similar to Kosher meats). Habibi offered many wraps, a large selection of sandwiches, a decent assortment of gelato, and a delicious arrangement of smoothies.

Habibi was a very interesting and frankly great place to eat. Here at Belmont, we have a lot of chains: McDonald’s, Five Guys, In-N-Out, Wendy’s, Panda Express, Mountain Mike’s, and others. So a non-franchised restaurant is always a great sight to see, and generally a great place to eat. Plus, it’s just a minute or so away from the 260 Eastbound bus’ first stop, making it very convenient for students who need a quick bite to eat on the way home. The staff were incredibly friendly and made the food very quick, both of which are ideal qualities for a restaurant.

On average the wraps go for about $8 or $9, sandwiches for $7 or $8, and smoothies for around $5 each. All were very fairly priced because they were largely proportioned. The sandwiches and wraps were worthy of those with a big stomach, and the smoothies are good size too.

Habibi's offers so many delicious choices it's hard to make a quick decision.

Jackson Monge                                                                                                                  Habibi offers so many delicious choices it’s hard to make a quick decision.

At Habibi, I had the lamb kebob wrap, chicken shawarma, and (because I was feeling a little adventurous) a banana date smoothie. The wraps were definitely worth the $10. They were easily a foot long and came with their delicious potato sauce. My wraps came filled with onions, tomatoes, Tahini sauce, lamb, chicken, and Arabic pickles. Ask for the potato sauce, it’s awesome sauce!

Bursting with color and flavor the chicken shawarma is very delicious

Jackson Monge
Bursting with color and flavor the chicken shawarma is very delicious

I feel I can’t praise their smoothies enough. They were nice and creamy and made with fresh ingredients. Just imagine an improved Jamba Juice. They had your standard fruit smoothies and a few “green” smoothies for those who want their veggies. Lemon mint was surprisingly good, and all it has is, you guessed it: lemon and mint. It tasted so fresh and cool, like smoothie heaven.

I didn’t get the chance to try the gelato, as the wraps are so filling, but I would assume it is scrumptious just like the rest of the foods on Habibi’s menu.

The rainbow that is Habibi's gelato.

Jackson Monge                                                                                                                   This is the rainbow that is Habibi’s gelato.

Habibi is a very worthwhile place to buy a quick and delicious lunch for yourself or a group of friends. Everything from the wraps to the smoothies was really good, and I would definitely recommend stopping by!

Habibi sits at 1035 Ralston Avenue. Stop by and grab some delicious grub!