Healthy Cities Tutoring helps kids in need


Molly Donaldson

Healthy Cities tutor Kelvin Lee helps eighth grader Charlie Baker with his homework at the Tierra Linda Middle School Library

Molly Donaldson, Staff Writer

Since 1996, children of San Carlos and Redwood City have been receiving academic support from Healthy Cities Tutoring.

Healthy Cities Tutoring (HCT) is a non-profit organization devoted to cultivating San Carlos’ and Redwood City’s youth with help from volunteers who assist students who struggle in school.

“Community volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for children to improve their academic performance, engagement in learning and self-esteem,” Cris Adair, the development and volunteer coordinator of HCT, said.

The organization was created after the city of San Carlos decided to put more effort into the development of children and families from the community.

“HCT was formed 21 years ago through a Healthy Cities grant to the city of San Carlos,” Adair said. “A committee was formed to determine the best use of the funds and they chose to support children and families.”

Through HCT, adults, teenagers, and children bond through the mutual desire to learn. Tutors help children with topics they struggle with and in turn, create a relationship that lasts for years.

“I really like being able to help him learn while also being a friend to him,” Ethan Mayoss, a sophomore and tutor, said when talking about a student. “Since I’ve been with the same kid since when I started, it’s been really cool to see him go through every grade and see how he’s changed.”

“A tutor can make a world of difference to a child.””

— Jerry Pearlman

HCT provides a chance for people to give back to their community and help to a child who needs it.

“I got involved because I love working with kids and wanted to help make a difference for someone,” Alexis Shohet, another sophomore and tutor, said.

HCT inspires kids to do well in school and keep up their school work. With the help of their tutors, the kids stay focused and optimistic.

“My goal with tutoring is to keep the kid I work with engaged in school and happy to come to tutoring each week,” Shohet said.

Tutors can help make a difference in someone else’s life.

“The most rewarding part about tutoring for me is the moment when my kid finally understands what he is learning,” Mayoss said. “It makes me happy to see that he understands.”