Zero period tutoring center provides new opportunities for students


Estella Lippi

English teacher Kristen Fewins welcomes senior Hana Wong into the new tutoring center during zero period.

Connor Lin, Staff Writer

With the new late start schedule, many Carlmont students have the opportunity to get extra sleep, eat a bigger breakfast, and take their time in the morning.

The new schedule also enables students to receive academic support before class. On Oct. 17, the new tutoring center opened in G-wing and is open every morning during zero period.

History teacher Marcello Di Cicco said, “Students who don’t have access to help in the afternoon due to athletics or other extracurriculars can benefit from the new tutoring center during zero period. Tutors and teachers are available at the tutoring center in the morning to assist students who come in early for help.”

In addition to the creation of the new tutoring center in the morning, the tutoring center in D-hall assists students with work after school. This provides multiple opportunities for students to receive help.

Science teacher Gigi Kruse-Silva believes that opening the tutoring center in G-wing will give students a new, comfortable learning space. In addition to helping students get work done, the new tutoring center also provides a place to gather and relax.

Kruse-Silva said, “This classroom has many new pieces of furniture, such as tables, carpets, and couches. I also have a variety of different board games and a few computers, which help make the tutoring center seem like more of a hangout than a study hall. The new furnishings create a healthy learning environment for students.”

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The new tutoring center was first opened on Oct. 17, and many Carlmont teachers plan on spreading awareness of this new opportunity.

Kruse-Silva said, “We plan on spreading the word through School Loop messages, talking to our students, and leaving this room open as a place to stop by during lunch.”

Though the new tutoring center was a surprise to many students, it provides an extra resource to receive help with homework.

Junior Meileen Jones said, “Last year, I often went to the tutoring center in D-hall after school to get work done. I believe that opening the tutoring center at an early time and a new location is beneficial because G-wing is located by a drop off area, so students who arrive early to school have a place to get work done.”

Whether students want a place to work or simply a place to unwind, the new tutoring center is a resource available for many people at Carlmont.

Kruse-Silva said, “The tutoring center is 100 percent free. I encourage students to come in during zero period because the tutors and teachers are all extremely helpful and supportive. Even if students don’t need help with school, the tutoring center is a quiet and comfortable place for students to stay in the morning.”