Holiday spirit jingles into Carlmont


Sam Hanlon

ASB tries to boost holiday spirit around school by planning holiday themed activities and decorating the campus similar to household holiday decorations.

Sam Hanlon, Staff Writer

ASB is putting together a holiday village in the quad to increase holiday spirit and get everyone ready for winter break.

According to ASB Vice President Tyrese Lopez, they are planning different activities and performances for each day during the week of Dec. 11.

ASB is preparing for this week by asking different clubs and people if they want to participate in planned activities, planning decorations to get a holiday vibe, and coming up with new ideas to help raise the spirit of the holidays.

“The holiday village allows students to rejoice in the holiday spirit and get excited for winter break and the holiday season,” said ASB Spirit Commissioner Alice Godwin.

The holiday village is filled with simple activities like cookie decorating, Santa in the quad, and the Christmas edition of carlmont cup.

All these activities are aimed at bringing the holiday spirit to the school community.

It’s easy to get stressed out in the month of December with finals, so, according to ASB Spirit Commissioner Aaron Lu, ASB is attempting to ease this stress with the holiday village.

Lu said, “The main goal [of the holiday village] is to create a holiday atmosphere to relive stress so everyone will get pumped for break.”

ASB wants and atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the holidays while participating in different activities.

“For the holiday village we have cookie decorating, holiday themed picture frames, ornament decorating, performances in the quad, and holiday games!” said Godwin.

With the diversity of celebrations that happen during the holiday season, ASB faces some challenges with the holiday village and keeping the community together in the holiday spirit.

“Getting everyone on the same level can cause some challenges because lots of people have different holiday customs such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc,” said Lu.

Despite the challenges they face, ASB hopes to have a fun-filled week and for some December-finals tension to disappear.

The holiday village was a big hit last year, and hopes are high that this year will have even more hype.