How to make your college application stand out

On Nov. 30, Kaplan’s  local community relationship managers Kyle Rohrs and Melisse Skelton presented Accepted!, a college admissions workshop that covered the ins and outs of the college admissions process and how to make an application look the best.

According to Rohrs and Skelton, there are four top factors in college admissions. First is grades in college preparation classes, which includes core classes such as math and English. Following those grades is the strength of one’s curriculum (AP classes versus normal-level classes), admissions test scores such as the SAT and ACT, then high school GPA which covers classes like P.E. and arts.

With 80 percent of colleges using the essay portion of an application to make a final decision, it is one of the most important factors. Colleges are looking for students to think and write at a college level, get a better sense of whom you are, see what interests you, and what will make you stand out amongst your peers. Rohrs and Skelton suggest that one starts 4-6 weeks early in order to revise multiple times, ask for help from someone who doesn’t know you, and to ultimately be yourself and be creative. They also suggested to write from anything to a goal you achieved to an inspiring film, but whatever it is, always make the essay about yourself.

With multiple colleges to choose from, it is important to visit those you are interested in. In order to grasp the full idea of what life on campus is like, Rohrs and Skelton said to make sure you go when school there is in session and to speak to as many students, professors, and coaches as possible.

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