Indian Club adds to Carlmont’s cultural diversity


Andrey Zaytsev

Club members practice a dance for the upcoming Heritage Fair

Andrey Zaytsev, Staff Writer

Clubs at Carlmont have a wide variety of subjects. Indian club helps focus in embracing the culture of India.

The club has activities varying from practicing different aspects of Indian culture to simply connecting with people who come from the same background.

Apart from meeting every week on Mondays in room D16, Indian club also participates in school activities, such as the upcoming Heritage Fair.

Club Vice President Kinjal Vyas said, “So far this year, we’ve had plenty of fundraisers selling Indian food and doing Mehndi [henna]. In particular, we celebrated Diwali [Indian New Year] in the Quad. We also plan on doing a dance for Heritage Fair”.

According to club President Rishabh Kokal, Indian club is different from many of the other clubs at Carlmont.

“Most clubs are designed to pursue a hobby or study group, Indian club was founded with the idea of bringing a new cultural perspective to the school,” he said.

Last year, the club was failing and it almost stopped functioning. Fortunately, this year seems to show promising results for the club.

Vyas said, “I would just add that Indian club is a great environment to be in and, while we are just starting up after the club sort of died last year, it’s going great, and I can see it being a really strong club in the future.”

Not only does Indian Club allow students to help maintain their background culture by participating in related activities, it also provides a sense of pride for their individuality.

“I love being part of the Indian culture, and it makes me feel really proud to be Indian,” said freshman Amruta Thuse.