Jamba Juice returns due to popular demand


Jill Albertson

Carlmont Village Shopping Center welcomes Jamba Juice back into the community on Aug. 29.

Jill Albertson, Staff Writer

After its departure from the Carlmont Village Shopping Center in 2011, Jamba Juice made a triumphant return into the Belmont community on Aug. 29.

Due to popular demand from the community, Jamba Juice is back in the position where Yoppi Yogurt once stood. This time, its management has high hopes of staying there permanently.

Carlmont Village Shopping Center Operations Manager, Mike Picone said, “We believe that bringing Jamba Juice back into the village will have a positive impact in our community. There have been multiple requests to bring it back for a while, and we try to accommodate to the public as best as we can. Jamba Juice is the type of business that attracts a multitude of different people across the demographic, so it will encourage a lot more business for the shopping center as well.”

After its grand opening on Aug. 29, Carlmont students are already excited about the return of Jamba Juice.

Sophomore Paul Trembley said, “I am thrilled that Jamba Juice has made a return to the shopping center. It was very upsetting when it left. I am definitely a huge Jamba Juice fan.”

With 14 other storefronts on the peninsula, Jamba Juice is known for their customer service and healthy food options.

Belmont Jamba Juice store owner, Steve Maltz said, “We were corporate before and we just became a franchise, which has been successful on our other storefronts, so with great customer service, we plan to keep up the trend.”

Many Carlmont students find Jamba Juice convenient, not only as a close food option but also for job opportunities.

Junior Emma Posern said, “I’m really happy they brought Jamba Juice back because it’s a great place to work. After school, I just walk down to the shopping center and I get to make smoothies all day, which to me, is a pretty great way to make money.”

The return of Jamba Juice has received mostly positive responses from Carlmont students as well as others in the area.

Maltz said, “All we’ve heard so far is great feedback from the community, so I’m hoping that will continue. I’d like to thank the community and all of the Carlmont students for such a warm welcome.”