Joe & The Juice creates an urban vibe


Kathryn Stratz

The closest Joe & The Juice to Carlmont is currently located on University Ave. in Palo Alto, but one is coming soon to Redwood City.

Kathryn Stratz, Staff Writer

Okay, so you need some coffee and study time, but you’re tired of Philz and Mints and Honey. Where to? Joe & The Juice, that’s where.

You walk in and your ears are filled with a trendy beat and nose with fruity aromas.

Joe & The Juice is the place to be on a quiet Sunday, a rainy Monday, or a busy Saturday. Its atmosphere is anything you want it to be: a workspace, a hangout, or a grab-and-go situation.

It has many locations, with the closest two in Palo Alto and San Mateo.

After walking in, my eyes widened at the expansive menu above the counter, featuring a wide variety of juices, shakes, yogurts, sandwiches, energy shots, and coffees.

The employees were eager to help me understand the menu and quick to give recommendations, which was appreciated. The order was made relatively quickly and picked up easily at the counter.

I went with the “Joe’s AMG” juice (apple, mint, and ginger) and the avocado sandwich, and got an iced latte later on my way out.

Generally, when one thinks of healthy juices, smushed kale and spinach come to mind. This was not even close, going beyond my expectations. It was spicy, yet very creamy, and the best part — I didn’t have to chug it in order to get it down.

The avocado sandwich was more like a flatbread, panini-type thing and was appropriately portioned for a meal accompanied by a drink. It tasted freshly made and healthy, but in a good way.

The latte was every bit as delicious as I hoped it be, with a perfect amount of coffee flavor balanced with creaminess. It didn’t last long.

The menu offers something for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options.  There’s everything from coconut yogurt to the almond milk “choco shake,” appealing to the average modern-day diet. Not only that, the healthy menu allows one to leave Joe & The Juice without feeling guilty.

The only downside about this modern coffee and juice stop is the pricing, which is a bit on the high side. But, in the end, it is worth paying the money for this high-quality experience.

Lucky for us, a new location is coming soon to Redwood City, so you can grab your juice faster!