JV boys basketball crushes Hillsdale


Isa Khalak

Freshman Tyler Southworth surges over Hillsdale for a layup.

Carlmont’s JV boys basketball team played with electricity. They displayed this every second of their 65-39 victory over the Hillsdale Knights. The game over the Knights will be another addition to the mountain of wins blemished by only one loss.

The Scots took charge of the game early on. They ran a dynamic offense taking many shots and staying ahead of the Knights’ defense. However, Carlmont stayed disciplined on defense as well. There were no weak links in their game plan.

“They were quick, the defense was good,” said George Metropulos, an announcer for the game. “They played a really good inside game and had some excellent outside shooting as well.”

Antonio Campbell Rodriquez, a sophomore, drives towards the basket before making an assist. (Isa Khalak)

In the first quarter, both teams battled for dominance. Carlmont finished ahead, 17-10, yet the game was still winnable for Hillsdale.

The start of the second quarter was when Carlmont turned on the jets.

The Scots ferocity gave them an edge as they started to pull away. The Knights did respond, but Carlmont kept the pressure on and maintained their lead. At halftime, the Scots were up 39-18.

“We just knew we had to bring the intensity,” said sophomore Jake Magpayo. “Our coach told us if we went on a 6-0 run, the game would be over.”

This is precisely what Carlmont did; they scored six quick points and firmly cemented their lead. The unrelenting attack did not cease then. During the second quarter frenzy, the Scots scored twenty-two points while holding the Knights offense to only eight points.

“They had more of a crowd than us, but their crowd was just silent [during the second quater],” said freshman Josh Lamb.

Hillsdale put up a valiant fight for the rest of the game, but it was too late to turn the tide. Carlmont defended their lead, and the game ended with a resounding Scot victory.

For Carlmont, this game was crucial. It was their first contest back from COVID postponements. The week before this game, Carlmont wasn’t able to compete. This win showed they are as strong as they’ve ever been.

The Scots showed their strengths throughout the game. Carlmont extended possessions with aggressive offensive rebounds. They also move the ball well, so it is never stuck in one place. This opens opportunities for players to take shots, and each player is a threat from deep. A large part of why this team can click is how all players buy into the coach’s game plan.

“He [Coach Suhail Mohammadi] is a great coach,” Magpayo said. “He pushes us to be next level, to be the best versions of ourselves.”