Scots score decisive win against Hillsdale


The JV girls congratulate each other after a play.

Madeline Smith-Morton, Staff Writer

The smell of popcorn and the murmur of voices envelopes the stands as parents and students settle in for the game.

The Carlmont JV softball team won their game versus Hillsdale High School on April 27, with a final score of 10-0. The Lady Scots have remained undefeated this season, and are continuing to rise through the ranks.

In every inning, the Lady Scots played with intensity, precision, and excellent teamwork.

“The girls played a fantastic game. The were very engaged, very energetic. They have the right approach and mentality to put a good game together” said, Coach Wesley Chong.

The first inning started with Hillsdale up to bat, and the Lady Scots worked together to earn all three outs in the first 3 minutes of the game. The field was constantly buzzing with noise as the girls maintained a steady stream of communication throughout the inning.

“Communication is one of the biggest parts of the game because without it, people wouldn’t know where to go and it would mess up the whole game,” said Grace Heck, a sophomore.

In the second inning, the Scots were up next to bat. The third batter Cierra Stratton hit the ball out past third base, earning the Scots a triple play and jumping to a 5-0 lead.

In the fifth and final inning, Hillsdale was up to bat, but the Scots were ready and waiting. All three outs were scored without a single Hillsdale runner making it past first base. Gabby Avalos, the first baseman, earned the Scots their final out of the game, by jumping to catch the ball just as the Hillsdale batter slid into first base.

Throughout the whole game, the dugout was alive as the Scots cheered on their teammates.  The energy was electric and clearly had an impact in the Scots’ victory.

“We’ve been working on cheering and camaraderie, and it was awesome to see it happen during the game. There are a bunch of separate groups on the team, but during the games, everyone is super supportive” said Mia Rosas, a freshman.

The JV softball team isn’t done quite yet, the girls have another four games this season and will play at Woodside next on May 4. The Lady Scots are all dedicated to working harder to get better and better.