JV soccer falls to the Cherokees in their first game of the season


Alexander English

The Scots strategize during half-time hoping to come back into the game versus the Cherokees.

Alexander English, Staff Writer

Carlmont junior varsity girls’ soccer suffered their first defeat of the year in a 4-0 loss against Sequoia High School on Monday, Nov. 20.

Carlmont has a strong rivalry against Sequoia, having narrowly lost to them at the end of their last season, making this game hold much significance for many of the older players on the team.

The Scots took the field, the referee blew his whistle, and the game was officially underway.

For the first 20 minutes of the game, it was very even between the two teams with each team creating multiple chances but to no avail.  After about 25 minutes, a player from Sequoia played a nice through ball to one of her teammates who finished the goal making the score 1-0, Sequoia.

Carlmont was determined not to give up, shouting words of encouragement to each other before they kicked off.

The game continued until Sequoia got a corner.  A Sequoia player delivered a nice cross into the box allowing one of her teammates to get on the end of it and score a goal making the game 2-0 in favor of the Cherokees.

Only a few minutes later, the Cherokees netted the third goal, ending the half with a score of 3-0 to the Cherokees.

Both teams began to strategize for the second half with the Scots hoping to get back into the game and make it a competitive game for Sequoia.

“Going into the second half we tried to correct a few things including working together more as a team,” said Head Coach Scott Pendleton.  “We pushed our mid-line higher up the field so they could support the attackers hoping to get some goals.”

The second half began and it was immediately apparent that the Scots had more ferocity then they had in the last half.  In the first part of the second half, the Scots got most of the chances and nearly scored multiple goals but overall were not able to convert any of their chances.

The half dragged on until late in the half where Sequoia scored their fourth and final goal against the Scots.

“I don’t think we played our best, but it was our first game of the season so we have lots of time to improve and become much better. We also have not practiced that much as a team so this game was essentially a baseline for us for the rest of the season”  said Supriya Haldankar, a sophomore.

The Scots knew going into the game that it was going to be tough, but they view this season as a chance to improve as a team and show other teams across the league what they can do.

“I think we can have a great season. We have a lot of very talented players and it’ll be interesting to see us grow as a team” said sophomore Alice Godwin.

Carlmont’s next game is Nov. 28 against Mountain View where they are hoping to come out on top.