JV volleyball achieves first-place standing with strong victory


Katie Wheeler

Freshman Curly Raddavero gets low in order to reach a pass from the opposing team.

In two intense sets, Carlmont’s girls JV volleyball skillfully took down the previously undefeated Menlo-Atherton Bears, taking control of the first-place spot in their league.

This wasn’t the only time the two teams have battled. When they first met on Sept. 19, the Scots suffered a loss. This time, the Scots were determined not to let the Bears walk away with another victory.

When the Scots entered the first set, they were filled with confidence.

“We’ve had a lot of different coaches, but it has honestly affected us positively. We’ve realized what we really need to focus on, and now we feel like we have a strong enough bond to come back and beat Menlo-Atherton,” sophomore Joslyn Moore said.  

However, the Bears returned the same energy, putting up a fight for the first half of the set. They followed the Scots closely, staying just points behind.

During a timeout, Carlmont’s players gathered around to hype each other up and listen as stand-in coach Irene Oliveira commented on the game so far. When the players returned to the court, they had the motivation needed to pull away.

Coming out of the timeout, Carlmont left Menlo-Atherton in the dust, claiming the first set with a score of 25-12. 

Oliveira was impressed by the level of energy her team brought during the match.

Katie Wheeler
Sophomores Savannah Velschow and Nadia Fedotova jump up to block a hit from the Bears.

“If they keep bringing the same power and momentum, I think everything will be okay for us to maintain our high standing,” Oliveira said. 

Energy remained a constant throughout the game, and even between sets, Carlmont players erupted with cheers. Eventually, parents and supporters in the stands joined in as chants of “let’s go Carlmont, let’s go” could be heard booming throughout the gym. 

As the second set began, it appeared as though Menlo-Atherton was shaken up by the cheers, as they let the first few points slip through their fingers. But soon enough, they caught up and found themselves just a couple points away from taking the lead. Carlmont’s confidence faltered, and anxious faces filled the court.

When the team’s rotation changed, sophomore Keani Haake took her turn at serving. As soon as she stepped up, she gave her team the boost they needed. Haake’s skillful strikes took the Scots up to a 10-point lead.

“In our first game against Menlo-Atherton, our lineup was much different. I think the fact that we kept our lineup so consistent in today’s game was what made us so successful,” said Nicole Yaravoy, a sophomore setter for the team.

Victory was just four points away, almost close enough to touch. But the Bears wouldn’t give up so easily. The two teams faced head-to-head in countless competitive rallies. Finally, Carlmont emerged triumphantly after narrowly winning the set 25-22.

Carlmont now has a record of 9-1. They plan to maintain this high rank, but their next matchup against Terra Nova on Oct. 17 may provide a challenge.