Lacrosse prepares for upcoming season


Team members from varsity and junior varsity warm up during the start of their practice.

Kelsey Chandra, Staff Writer

Drills, conditioning, and scrimmages.

Every practice for the boys’ lacrosse team involves different methods for them to improve their abilities. The team spends almost every evening working hard so that they triumph in their games. They practice as a team so they can play just as well as a team.

Many of the boys who are beginning to play this year are hopeful of what’s to come this season.

Sophomore John Griesbach said, “I think [the new season] is going to be great, we have a lot of new players and experienced coaches.”

Although boys lacrosse doesn’t make cuts, the sport is very competitive. Games are tough and the boys put in a lot of effort to make sure that each game comes out the way that they want it to.

Griesbach said, “We practice every day of the week and also on Saturdays and when we aren’t on the field we are practicing against a wall or with a friend.”

With lacrosse constantly on their mind and their first game approaching, the boys’ lacrosse varsity and junior varsity teams are thrilled to start their season. Their lengthy practices will prepare them better for the season and their victories will show it.

But recently, the varsity and junior varsity teams split up.

“Varsity is a much different environment than JV,” said Harris Branch, a junior.

Regardless of the differences in difficulties of each team, all members of boys lacrosse are learning how to work better together and polish their skills.

Last season, the teams had a few bumps in the road, but they managed to achieve some strong wins.

Branch said, “We’ve moved away from focusing on fundamentals and we’re focusing more on technical things to make the team work better as a whole.”

Now the boys are looking to function more as a team rather than individuals. As they succeed more together, they will be motivated more in the future. They hope that with their exceptional team bond and their dedication to the sport, they will come out on top.  

“The coach said we have a lot of potential,” said Griesbach.

That potential will become a success.

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