March Madness instigates student madness


A senior student's bracket.

Julia Kranzler, Staff Writer

Emotions were on the line for many students when NCAA’s March Madness kicked off on March 18.

This year, March Madness is more than just a competition between collegiate basketball teams, but also against students. The student who has the most accurate “bracket”, or predicted results, will be awarded 50 dollars.

“You select the teams you think are going to win and if you’re right, you get points. Whoever has the most points wins,” said senior Vrain Ahuja.

There are 64 teams competing in March Madness this year. The competition itself is divided into four regions with 16 teams in each region. The lowest seed usually plays against the first seed. Since it is single elimination, only one team emerges from each region. Those four teams then play against each other resulting in one winning team.

“Since it is a single elimination game, there are many major upsets,” said senior Ryan Dimick.

Senior Reggie Chatman Jr. and Sophomore Timmy Miller planned to make the competition a light-hearted competitive event against students, however, some students view it as more than just a game.

“Of course it is a competition between me and my friends…money is on the line, pride’s on the line, dignity is on the line,” said senior Eric He.

The anticipated event commenced March 18 and will conclude early April. Though it is very early in the game, many students are confident in their predictions for which teams will enter the final four.

“My final four are Michigan State, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, and Duke University,” said He.

Meanwhile, Dimick said, “My final four are University of Florida, Michigan State, University of Arizona, and the University of Louisville.”

Some students are confident enough in a single team winning it all that they don’t feel the need to predict a final four.

“Michigan all the way… University of Michigan definitely has my vote,” said Ahuja.

As of March 20, Southern Texas University, Xavier University, Mount St. Mary’s University, and the University of Iowa have been eliminated.

This is the first year March Madness has been a competition among students. Chatman, though he is graduating in June, hopes the competition will ensue long after he has left Carlmont.

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