Motives behind the Pope’s resignation

Pope Benedict XVIs arrival in Mexico

Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in Mexico

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

In a world with 1.1 billion Roman Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation on Thursday is considered a fairly large deal.

Pope Benedict is the first to resign by choice in six centuries.

The Pope made the choice to retire after a rather laborious trip to Leon, Mexico. Many saw his visit as more politically motivated than a spiritually because of the timing being closely related to the elections that were to take place 14 weeks after his visit.

While there, he visited President Calderón, who is part of the PAN a conservative national action party, which has been supported for numerous years by the Vatican.

Although the church is unable to get over-ally involved into the political regime because it will start to loose itss credibility.

This big change in the the Catholic world effects many Carlmont students who practice Catholicism.

“I feel that if he feels like he can’t lead the church with his current conditions such as a medical illness or something personal, then he shouldn’t be forced to take on such a task if he is unable,” commented sophomore Mitchell Wright.

Many agree with these views and await the Popes succession which is to be determined by the College of Cardinals next Monday.

Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in Mexico