Weight training club motivates fitness among students


Vincent Wai

Ethan Stroh, a senior in Weight Training Club, works out in the Carlmont weight room.

Vincent Wai, Staff Writer

Fitness is defined by the quality or state of being fit, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. Yet the process to get there takes a few steps, such as good habits and discipline.

All of these factors are encouraged in Weight Training Club at Carlmont High School.

“It started two years ago with a former weight training student asking me if I would be willing to sponsor the club. He and a few friends enjoyed their experience during their sophomore weight training class and wanted an opportunity to continue lifting weights,” said David Low, a weight training teacher at Carlmont.

Similar to many of the current members in the club, the creators simply wished the opportunity to lift weights for their own benefit. They would also have the convenience of doing it at their own school, with free equipment, in a brand new weight room.

“This club has benefited me by providing a convenient time to continue my weight training routine and in doing so, it’s helped me to relieve stress, shape my body to the way I want it to be, and increase my self confidence,” Ethan Stroh, a senior, said.

There are many different perceptions of fitness and the benefits that come from it. This club offers a time and space for students to do as they wish to satisfy their personal needs through fitness and exercise.

“Weight Training Club is really helpful because it gives me a time and place that fits my schedule very nicely to work out. Not only do I enjoy exercise, but because it boosts my self confidence as well as reduces stress, I am more motivated to put in the work,” said Nelson Yip, a junior.

It is only once a week during lunch, so students have maximum capability to join and participate in this club. Because it is based on individual choices, there are loose restrictions on club meetings, which allows the club to have a laid-back environment.

“Weight Training Club offers all participants the opportunity to experience lifting weights. This club has participants that are very dedicated to developing or maintaining their physical and emotional well being,” Low said. “This is a no judgement club.”